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TO BE FROM/OUT – Towards the Redefinition of the Cultural Identity of Serbia

Bilingual (Serbian-English) printed publication TO BE FROM/OUT – Towards the Redefinition of the Cultural Identity of Serbia is an attempt to contribute to the societal dialogue and reflection on the cultural identity of Serbia and the key generators and stakeholders in the process of its formation. The purpose of the publication is to contribute to general public awareness on multidimensional process of shaping the country’s reputation and to encourage individual and joint initiatives of citizens and incite their commitment to changing the negative image of the country and its repositioning on the international scene.

Publication TO BE FROM/OUT – Towards the Redefinition of the Cultural Identity of Serbia is based on the results of the International Summer Academy (Un)Limited Identities (Belgrade 25-31. August 2008) that was dedicated to the topic of contemporary identity of Serbia, its key generators and ways of presentation in the context of current European integration, and the role of emigrants from  Serbia in it. Accordingly, the publication is aimed at encouraging the inclusion of emigrants in the process of qualitative presentation of the country outside of its borders.

Publication includes selected essays of participants of the International Summer Academy (Un)Limited Identities and thematic texts of relevant experts in different disciplines and areas of research, as well as some artistic works and projects, which correspond to the topic of publication.

Publication is available for download at:


Monika Mokre (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Do Identities Kill?

Vladimir Mihić (University of Novi Sad)
European and/or National Identity – Sociopsychological Considerations

Nikolai Vukov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Post-socialist Identities, Transformations, and Representations

Zoran Erić (Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade)
The Question of Identity as Reflected through Video Art in ex-Yugoslavia

Tanja Ostojić (artist)
Crossing Borders: Development of Different Artistic Strategies

Rastislava Mirković (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Serbian labor migrant in the 20th century Europe – from a guest worker to a transnational entrepreneur

Iva Kolundžija (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
(UN)Limited identities

Tomasz Ewertowski (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Students’ Identity

Inis Shkreli (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
A split identity flanked by Slav and Albanian culture

Ivana Schramke (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Thoughts on Identity

Kalina Yordanova (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Neighbourhood (Hi)Stories

Nela Milić (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Travelling Cinema

Branimir Stojković (Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade)
Towards a Sustainable Cultural Identity

Milena Dragićević Šešić (University of Arts in Belgrade)
Cultural Policy, Nationalism and European Integrations

Boris Žujko (journalist)
Pictures in People’s Heads

Marius Stan (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Serbian? Hmmm, sounds familiar...

Thomas Jackson (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
The unresolved issue of Serbian identity

Daniela Mehler (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Serbian Identity: A black box?

Claske Vos (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
Constructing the Way Forward for Serbia’s Past

Jelena Krstić (participant of the Academy (UN)Limited Identities)
An Almost (Im)Possible Mission

Davor Džalto (artist, art historian)
Identity In-Between

Realisation of the project is supported by ERSTE Bank a.d. Novi Sad.

Public presentation of the publication TO BE FROM/OUT