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KULTURKLAMMER - Center for cultural interactions is a civil society organisation with the mission to incite citizens’ participation and activation of cultural resources in sustainable development of the society, through implementing diverse actions in the field of culture.

Our main aim is to incite active and critical thinking and action of individuals, as well as activation of cultural resources for the purpose of sustainable and quality future of the whole society.

The main goals of the association, as a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation, are:

  •     Society in which active individuals enjoy their cultural rights, but take the responsibility and care about cultural development of the community they belong to;

  •     Activation of cultural resources in local comunity as significant potential for its sustainable social, cultural and economic development.

  •     Participation of all citizens in the process of cultural development

  •     Involvement Participation of all social sectors' representatives (public, private, civil) in cultural development planning and implementation;

  •     Interdisciplinary in planning and managing of the cultural development process

  •     Contribution to creation of stimulant atmosphere for cross-sector cooperation in the area of heritage and contemporary culture/art production;

  •     Integration of cultural heritage of Serbia in the wider regional and European/world heritage, irrespective of its ethnic, racial, gender, social or religious origin;

  •     Culture as a mean of communication and presentation, independent of any limits and key generator of the process of sustainable development of the society.

We will fulfill our mission and goals through the following activities:

  • Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia and other kinds of meetings and gatherings of experts and professionals;

  • Implementing scientific, expert and research projects in the field of our professional engagement;

  • Cooperation with universities, culture/art institutions, business sector and various associations, non-profit organizations and individuals from the country and abroad in order to fulfil the organization’s mission and main goals;

  • Advocating for improvement and modernization of existing laws and standards in the field of cultural development;

  • Organizing and actively participating in different intercultural art projects and projects directed towards culture/art diffusion and socio-cultural animation.