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Socialism Memorabilia


The project Socialism Memorabilia analysed role and importance of the heritage of socialism in contemporary life. This project aimed to identify threats and possibilities for revitalisation and activation of its potentials in the process of modern social-economic development.


In 2008 we have realised the first part of the project, which encompassed research and analysis of the public opinion on connotative potentials of the socialist heritage of Belgrade in relation to its tourist exploration.


We chose Belgrade for the research’s focus, because, as the former capital of Ex-Yugoslavia, this city has survived very important transformations of its landscape in a function of the manifestation of ideological and on value basis characteristics of socialism.

The identification of the visual and symbolical city spots could represent attractive tourist destination not only for foreign tourists but also for Serbs, considering those as the places for experiencing our common past and collective remembrance.


The public opinion poll “Socialism Memorabilia” was realised with the aim to identify perceptions and attitudes of citizens of Belgrade towards certain buildings and monuments and their readiness to support their revitalization and putting on the cultural and tourist map of Belgrade. Buildings/monuments/public spaces/citizens’ opinions that, for the majority of interviewed Belgraders, represent the most important socialist heritage in Belgrade, were presented in the form of one postcard - the most used mean of communication in the socialist times.

The poll is realised in cooperation with the Strategic Marketing Research as a part of the project “Socialism Memorabilia“, which is realised by KULTURKLAMMER-centre for cultural interactions with support of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Serbia.