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- In the childhood, when Branko's bridge was known as old King's bridge, from Saborna church you could go on the sledge all the way to Balkanska Street, down to Gavrila Principa Street. And there I was, on the freight sledge - those big ones, huge, the horse dragged them. In the evening, when it was not used,  we took the sledge and I was the only one in the area that had ice-skates and I steered. There were twenty people  from our neighbourhood and I drove all the way down and back again. And so on, that is an adventure.
- My brother also sat with the ice-skates first and we behind him. I was very little, a kid, but I did not want to separate from him, as much as he sledged so much would I. I remember, I return and scream from cold. Then my dad taught me to bang my hands to warm myself up, so I am not in pain. I remember, I was very spoiled, I was screaming, all Senjak heard.
- I am the only one in Kamenicka Street, I was ice-skating down Kamenicka Street. It was uneven, cobbled, so steep, God forbid. Still, I was ice-skating over Sava when it froze.
- Now it is only a thought that Sava freezes. My late dad went over frozen Danube, they had big sticks and walked over Danube. They went over for supplies.
- We kids went from Dunavac and digged out fishes when it gets frozen. Little fishes, tiny ones. Frozen and the ones on the surface, frozen, the poor ones. And we kids come to Dunavac, we swam there. That is now buried, that is now Ada Huja. It gets frozen and in the summer we swam. Of course, crazy me swam over Danube from here and from there. Dunavac was nicely peaceful and it was for swimming in the summer and for fishing in the winter. When the winter comes, we arrive with one axe, the ice was this thick. And then we kids dig out two, three kilograms of fishes and go home all happy even though cold.