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-    Part of the Mill was still working as I remember. So I buy a sack of flour of 25 kilos so I have flour for the whole winter. That is when the part of the Mill was still working and see what is going on there now, this hotel.
-    They demolished everything.
-    They completely demolished it, but they use the same brick for the build, just the exterior has to be the same because it is protected there.
-    It must be kept, that is how they arranged it in the contract.
-    The owner from America appeared there, some successors. A few years ago something was to be built there and the owner did not allow until property relations did not get sorted because they paid him something. Only last year that started to be worked on, for a few years it stayed like that till it was sorted, I do not know.
-    That is the first joint-stock mill and the only one. That area in general was an industrial one at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. There were various factories and after the First World War destroyed the "Monopol" building and the wire factory. There was a famous hardware store "Godjevac".
-    And I can say that the part around “Mostar”, that corner, in it, many film sequences were filmed, in our old partisan films, like bombing for example. I think surely ten films were made there by the mill, behind the mill.
-    All the residents watched it. I remember, I do not know what were the titles of the films, but I remember the actor Sovagovic, Croatian actor, he was an excellent actor - Fabian.
-   Otherwise, that area was not “Mostar”. That was Djurdjevo Brdo, that area was called Djurdjevo Hill.