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- Do you know anything about Majdan? There was really one quarry. And then, sometime after the war it was transformed to the pioneer's centre. The lot was nationalized and on it, there were firstly two houses that are there, on the bottom. That was wonderful, we used it as pioneers, we planted seedlings, there were magnolias and other growths.
- Later, in these hard times, the council rented it out and they made a restaurant. Then we were all very angry, we complained and we even made protests. Then they built this modern building for us on the basis of the income from that space which was primarily the Centre for pioneers and now it is Children's cultural centre. We minded because we thought that it is for children and that it has to stay completely for children.
- That was the playground, generations of children grew up there.
- We walked with children there and it was wonderful, like from a fairy tale.
- The schools were coming and various competitions were organized.
- That disappointed us because everything seems to have to be commercialized. It is true that Senjak is attractive and that you might have income, but something could stay.
- Restaurant opened in the 90s, when there was the biggest inflation, in the Milosevic time.
- That was really well-known place.
- Fancy.
- They rearranged it, it was not like this. There was only a playground and nursery for children. This was made later and this is the newest.
- Do you remember how it looked where we are now? Do you remember the hole? Did you go to look for Turks? We went to look for Turks, but we found a German helmet. We went down here, here was a hole, here my mother hided during the bombing on 6th of April. Now you can not even think how it looks, all these houses across the road were both on lower and higher street and we never went around. That was just noise here through the courtyard until someone does not chase us or pours the water on us. There we went down and searched for Turks, but we did not find the Turks, but the German helmet. Who knows, someone dropped some pan, and we kids imagined that.
-    The national hero Branko Parac by whom the school was named, firstly hid here in Majdan and when that place as they say "grassed out", my late father-in-law hid him in the coal at ours in the cellar, in the sack. Even today that cellar exists.
-    And they changed the name of the school.
-    It was called like that till recently.
-    It wasn't that recently. Now it is called "Stefan Nemanja".
-    My Jasa started the school there and Jasa is generation of '84.