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Day 2

Today was full - we got many people from other parts of Belgrade who came across Vracar at some point in their life, either through working or living there. Pensioners from New Belgrade, Old City, Zemun popped in to tell us their stories and connect other boroughs in our narrative of the whole city. Vracar spilled to north, west, south and east, getting us invited to painters colony, people's houses and local parties. The doors kept opening and we intend to walk through during the hot summer.

Misarska Street

It is one little street. And there is no one who doesn’t know it from the old Belgraders, it is famous by the city bath. In the whole street there were little family buildings, The development started after.

At the end of Misarska is cake shop “Lubradic”. That Lubardic was famous in the old times in Belgrade. Many cake shops popped up after his. There it was special that every Monday, schoolboys come for pastry with crème. The cake shop was famous for that – the whole classroom comes.

In that street we now have new buildings and new buildings will be built. Now it is a family street with benches and flowers. Only other people’s cars have a way, otherwise, the residents are parked there. We are resting, people grow flowers a bit, even though it dried out. Pensioners take care of the flowers, for example in front of our house we - I have two pots, there are people from teashop and there is a compositor’s centre – they are taking care of it the best, their platans did not dry out.

The children played, the street is small, there wasn’t cars, football was on the street and we all socialised and we all knew each other. And now that old group leaves and no one knows anyone anymore.


About a lift

What is interesting is that when our building was built, it was an earthquake in Skopje, so the works stopped. Then someone paid for a 5th floor. Because of that 5th floor we had to put a lift and that lift was so expensive that all the residents protested, but they could not change the law. When the lift was put in operation, the children from the opposite building came to ride and one got stuck in, so the mother came to plea - who is going to save him. I still feel bad when I see that women who told me not to be angry because the kids haven’t seen the lift. This was in 1964, the first lift in that street and the kids were not going around much, they were there...