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Day 12

Another full day started in the morning with the visit to the meteorogical station in Senjak. Our lively participant, Mrs Jaksic gave us a tour of her garden where we saw the weather measurement box, the little Red Star football pitch, the well, the cats and the wine tree! Her stories got illustrations from the reality accompanied by the books she presented where they were documented: "every house should have a wine three" states the writer.

Our tour continued with another person and another part of Savski Venac borough where Miroslav led another tour of Savamala. He spoke of everything he knows about the area and we could conclude that more is to come every time he locks his eyes to some corner, building or an open space. "I put this crossing here, so mothers with prams can easily cross the train tracks", he says, pointing to the carpet and some kind of cardboard on the floor, while he worked with the British organisation to move the track a little so people can have space to step in before the tracks and look out for the passing train.

We were a different group of people today - a large one compiled of academics, artists and young people who wanted to join our project earlier, but did not get our advert on time. They were confused at first, but laughed towards the end and enjoyed when we sat down to gel with Miroslav after his exhaustive walk around and plethora of suggestions for the improvement of the area. If someone would just listen, Savamala would be unique, rather than a replica of Berlin's Kreuzberg.