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Day 6

Today we gave a lecture to the Vracar's pensioners as they asked to be offered our stories for a change. I have chocked half way through when I was talking about the bombing in 1999. Old people and us, young ones as they call us, unfortunately have that in common and it is a bond of war - an experience difficult to neglect when known and a natural connection with the ones who have it too. It is like no one else knows what we have taken part in and we hope no one will, but among ourselves, there is a respect and understanding just because we participated in such an extraordinary event. Some of the elderly, like us young ones, have gone through it several times.

In Zemun, it was hillarious. This time, a chess table turned around as we walked in and asked cheekily if we came to join pensioners club. From then on, we rolled with a few bears over the map of Belgrade coloured by mostly their sports stories. Zemun seems to define what was socialist spirit of the healthy mind in the healthy body. We came across champions who told us so much about their love for the area as well as the different games they were playing, from football to handball and many of them were famous and as it looks, still are!