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Day 14

We have finally seen the game and our veterans in action. They were supporting young Serbian team (below 18s) throughout the tournament in Ada - Rugby 2013. As soon as we arrived to the game with Germany they told us "We will walk over them". And they did. Serbian team even looks much older than German boys. We took plenty of photos and the organizers appreciated it as there wasn't media coverage. How is the sport to grow if there isn't support for it?
Blagoje was on the pitch, taking a role in the management of the event and Tamba was with the audience, but on the German side of the stadium, on his own. We went to visit both of them, changing from VIPs to regulars. There wasn't much difference to it when there are few people in the audience, but our team still gave it all. In particular, when it came to singing a national anthem at the start. Men's live voices overpowered a little audio system used occasionally for the tournament as it was enough to shout across the pitch. That was still not great for vocal cords of the trainers, but it kept the game in the family spirit. Much of the audience were the teams who played or were about to, friends who will see each other again on the same tournament in their own country. Sport takes you places, even if it is a little game, like rugby in Serbia.