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Day 9

We have picked up some individual stories with the people who wanted to share them some more. Firstly we went to see Tamba's personal arhive and then took him to Dorcol as an embodied archive. He spoke of the gymnasium and rugby memories with Blagoje who invited the current Serbian rugby league player Rale to join us. We have seen the connection of old and the new rugby players as they sprung up around us, talking of old games and planning the visit to the new ones. We are invited to the championship from 11th of August and we will be there to learn and cheer.

Then it was Zemun time. One of our pensioners, who spoke first in the meeting, called us to say that he has more pictures for us and that he would like to continue telling us about the area. We accepted the invitation with pleasure and on the entrance, got flowers! The old gentleman who presented himself after firstly kissing our hands now affirmed his approach in defying Zemun as once a gentlemen borough. He spoke about horses and merchants and local philanthropy, the times we all wanted to be living in now.

- On the first tower I participated on the installement of anthena systems and the tower was built by "Ratko Mitrovic", the company. I was on Avala in '71. that UHF where there are red poles, I was mounting that with my crew. Before that I mounted on Jastrebac, on Cot and the third one was Avala. I am still climbing, they call me here and there. But now I am not much in shape as I used to be before. For example, on Cot's pillar that has 101 meters I climbed in 6 minutes and 15 seconds. And now I would need the whole hour to climb up.

- When the reconstruction of Ovcar begun, of Cot and Avala three years ago, the director from emission technique calls me up and says: "We need old guards. You are gone, many died or went to Canada, America. Would you join in to train these young people to do the job you've done before?" I accept with pleasure and then write one text: "From this job do not expect material benefit, but expect big affirmation if you manage the job, it will be needed in the future."

And how to form a team?

We passed with children's diseases before. Schemers, intriguants, you throw him out of the team and you bring the new one. We now do not have time to check people on the spot, to make the team because I did not know everybody, some young people arrived, so I write: all plotters, intrigue chasers, snitches, treacherous, vain throw immediately out of the team and form a team so they are humorous, they tell jokes and they know how to sing, because all the rest will be ok. And all of the sudden the revolt starts, the uprising begins: how can he write like that, what is that like, but all that felt like that withdrew and we made a fantastic team at once which worked from the beginning to the end without any excess, any problem. And those plotters, intrigue chasers, vain, because with vain people you can not talk at all, there are always we cleaned the team and formed one, but there wasn't many great singers, because there is nothing better than when you work on the top of the pillar and they burst into song - he is screwing, but sings.


On the other side of Filip Visnjic Street when you walk from Tzar Dusan Street from the left side and Alaska Street is his and the right side of Filip Visnjic Street, there was Kosta Petrovic, a millionaire from Zemun. He had a villa "Marta". All that street of his, from the left side of Prizrenska Street and on the right the homes of blind and their workshops, he had seventeen big walnuts. I can give you a picture now of where each of them stood - in front of the villa there were three, one in front of my house, by others two. All from the start of Albanska Street to the number 11 were walnuts. We have a memory of mills that do not work today.

From Radosav Popovic's private collection

We had a steel rolling mill. It was built in 1938./'39, the experts came - Checks. It started in 1939. That was the factory, a lot of employed, Valcers, Klimt, Haudek, Cerni, Kubicka, as far as I remember. We had tanner. I mentioned Pregrevica. Pregrevica is longer than Ugrinovacka Street, sorry to whoever disagrees. Ugrinovacka Street is ending by motorway. In Pregrevica, from the school "Nada Dimic", there were two slaughterhouses "Svarc" and "Lorenz". By the tanner in Zemun there are six brickyards. And there were three more in Batajnica. Besides that, in Tzar Dusan Street was a slaughterhouse of the horses and the second one on the Batajnica road. After the liberation when I arrived as a military person, when I demobilized, I was employed in the company "Zmaj". That "Zmaj" joined with "Avala" and "Sumadija" that was on the intersection by “Mostar” loop and which with "Avala" moved and the "Zmaj" was inaugurated. There were halls of police and during the time of Rankovic something was to be built, but it was left and transformed into machine production, combines, trailers.